Renungan Seorang Jurnalis

February 27, 2011

hey guys> dalam post gw yang kali ini gw ga akan membahas pertandingan sepakbola yang udah sering lo pada baca sampe bosen di blog gw :D:D:D gw cuma mau ngerenung bareng lo. yah ngerenungin nasib kita,mulai dari sepak bola,musik,ekonomi,sampe kalo perlu kita bahas masalah cinta lo disini lagi pengen santai sama lo semua.jadi gw ga akan pake bahasa inggris.mau mulai? yok langsung aja.

guys,gw mau nanya sama lo semua.menurut lo,sukses itu apa sih? gw kok sering banget ya ngeliat orang orang yang bilang ‘sukses tuh kalo gw punya mobil 9’ ato ‘sukses tuh kalo gw udh punya rumah di pondok indah’ yah guys,menurut gw,maaf aja,itu adalah pemikiran primitif.yang menurut gw udh ketinggalan jaman

kita hidup di era reformasi bung! yang keliatannya,asal lo punya network,lo bisa punya job yg memumpuni dan punya duit banyak. tapi gimana kalo gw bilang gini. dunia sudah berubah saudara sekalian,kita sudah tidak bisa menentukan kita sukses atau tidak dari material. mau ambil contoh.kita tengok deh orang yang akhir akhir ini lagi hot banget di berita. Gayus. lo liat deh dia. duit banyak,tapi hasil korupsi. itu yang lo bilang sukses? ato gakkita lihat deh karyawan karyawan kantoran yang gajinya lumayan. yang bisa menghidupi keluarganya. tapi statusnya cuma pegawai. man,lo tau apa artinya sukses buat gw? sukses itu,adalah kondisi dimana,lo mencapai suatu kepuasan batin,karena target lo tercapai. dan kepuasan batin ini sama sekali tidak bisa kita ukur dengan duit. mau contoh? sebagai seorang musisi idealis,gw mengambil contoh,Michael Angelo Batio. dia adalah seorang Speed Maker di dunia musik,khususnya Rock. dia adalah pemain gitar dengan ciri khas,picking dan licking yang luar biasa cepat,sehingga ia di sebut sebagai “Speed God”. apakah dia se kaya musisi di luar sana yang hanya mencari duit? tentu yakin. tapi,dia sempat bilang gini di Music World Magazine,Amerika. “my life is complete,even i must spend half of my money to pay my rent house” apa sih yang pengen dia sampaikan? bahwa dia sudah mencapai kepuasan batinnya,meskipun ekonominya tidak terlalu baik. ato kita bisa liat manager sepak bola yang namanya sudah tidak asing lagi,Sven Gorran-Erikkson. pelatih sepakbola asal swedia yang pernah menukangi “The Three Lions” ini pernah bilang “i live in football,because i love it. i’m not working for money” ya,dia juga pernah bilang kalau sebagian hartanya di sumbangkan untuk orang orang yang menderita aids dan kanker. sekarang dia tinggal bersama anak dan istrinya di rumah sederhana,meskipun dia adalah pelatih sepakbola besar.

guys,kita bisa contoh kedua orang tersebut. hiduplah untuk sukses.hiduplah untuk mencapai target lo. dan satu lagi yang mau gw ingetin. gw bilang gini bukan berarti gw bilang kalo uang tuh gak penting ya. money for life it’s okay. i’m quite agree,but don’t make it like life for money. okey? gw harap dengan lo membaca tulisan gw,lo bisa merubah persepsi lo tentang sukses. cheers guys!! salam sukses! :D:D:D


There’s Still Hope For One Last Miracle!!

December 27, 2010

well maybe some of us still feeling the pain,because Indonesia lose in Bukit Jalil last saturday,26th December 2010. at that time, Indonesia is crashing,burning,and struggling. they went lost 3 goals to 0. Indonesia must accept this heavy loss.

But they can’t just give up like a child. they’re fighters. a pitch fighter. they are the soldiers who wearing their boots as their weapons, use their vision as a snipers, and use their powers as a bullet. There’s no reason for Indonesia to give up! This is Indonesian chance to win the trophy, this is their chance to prove that they can play soccer. so,why do you just pensive and downcast? lets support them! there’s still hope for one last miracle! listen to me,maybe 4-0 is not easy. but it’s not impossible right? everything can happen in football!!

Football and Politic, Behind The Downfall of Indonesia

December 27, 2010

as we all know, last night (26/12) Indonesia was defeat by Malaysia. so,what makes Indonesia lose last night? Many sources told that Malaysian supporters were cheating. they used laser beams to disturb the concentration from all Indonesian player,of course I agree with it. but the other sources said that “It is their (Malaysian) home. of course they win” . We can’t blame the “home or away” situation. that’s the rule. but,do you know that every player must be in quarantine before they face up the next game? here’s the awkwardness thing.

Football and Politics. yes,for me this is the most recently reason why Indonesia lose last night. Monday,20th December 2010, one of the most important man in Indonesia, Abu Rizal Bakrie, Invited them into his place. He wanted to congratulate the whole team for its success in reaching the final of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. for me,it’s a wrong decision to accept the invitation from Abu Rizal. why? because, the players SHOULD NOT interacted with someone else during the tournament. they must be in the quarantine for training,emotional doctrine,and the others. Bakrie,has destroyed they non physics training. he let the team interacted and complacent until the teams feels so the end,they lose yesterday. Indonesian coach,Alfred Riedl said “I was not allowing the players to go to Bakrie’s” so who’s allowed them?

Nurdin Halid. he’s the man who allowed,even order the teams to accept the Invitation from Bakrie. “Riedl has no offense for this” said Utina to the unrated media. why Halid allowed The teams? because Halid is a friend of Bakrie. Politics,Bureaucracy, makes Nurdin Hallid ordered the teams to accept the Invitation. Nurdin think,that he will feel guilty,if he not allowed them to meet Bakrie. but is he realized that if he accepted that invitation,the training agenda will fall apart? yes Nurdin have a right to reject that. but why he not rejected it?

so this is the politics thing. I think,personally, The Chief from an organization must not drive by Politics an Money. the most important thing from a Chief is,he/she must prioritizing their business. not friends or other.

maybe this is just my opinion but, I hope you really thinking of that. I personally blame Nurdin Halid for the lost of Indonesia last night

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 First Leg Final, Kuala Lumpur

December 27, 2010

It’s all about the game.pressures,tense,and whatever.Indonesia failed to claimed a victory over their “Perennial Rival” ,Malaysia last night. 3-0 the final score,and Firman Utina can’t do anything.

There’s so much incident in that match. the Malaysian supporters act badly during the match. Especially in the second half. The first incident came in the middle of the second half.some supporters using the laser beam to disrupt concentration and view angle of Markus Horison (Indonesian Goal Keeper) and also,at the same time,there’s a firecracker blasting in the middle of the pitch. the match was stop for 7 minutes. Philip Lahm,the German captain,who also watch this match on the Internet streaming,said “this is such a controversial match,the supporters act badly.they like not respect the Indonesians”.

Despite from it’s all,Indonesian mental like sinking.”Tim Garuda” conceded not so long after that situation. Safiq,use the mistakes from Maman Abdurahman to create a goal.he pass the ball into Moh.Safee,who was in the good position.and Safee score.the second goal came not far. this time,a venom strike from Amirulhadi landed into Markus’s net. and the last goal came from Safee,again. he utilized the cross from Jasuli,and he headed the ball into the net,once more. Final Score,Malaysia 3,Indonesia 0.

So,what we can learn from this match. maybe Ahmad Bustomi right. he said before the match “calm out the euphoria,we haven’t win yet!” he’s worried about the media and the euphoria from the supporters can distract their concentration. and it’s all proved.

yes,Indonesia still got hope. maybe not as big as first. but nothing is impossible.4-0 is not an easy thing.but it’s not impossible. so lets support “Garuda” once more. let their flying above the sky and screaming so loud in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. I said so,because I BELIEVE!!! do you believe?

Looking Ahead To AFF Suzuki Cup Final Leg 1

December 22, 2010

at the end of 2010, there is a big and crucial football game. that game bring the two teams are “perennial rivals” from the first status. yes,the football game is the final fixture of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. it brings Indonesia and Malaysia clashing for the triumph. a triumph that takes the pride for both teams. yes,their battle will seize more that 100.000.000 eyes. and that eyes will be the witness of the high tense rivalry battle

“Only the best that can win tomorrow” said Indonesian Coach, Alfred Riedl. maybe Indonesia is on the air right now.but we can’t underestimated Malaysia. maybe in the last match, Indonesia can destroyed Malaysia with five goals to one. but everything can be different now. “I’m sure Mr.Rajagopal will learn from his mistakes” said Firman Utina,The Capt. of Indonesia. Malaysia has won the 2010 Sea Games. and they have a plenty of killer striker like Safee and the others. and on the other side, Bukit Jalil is a fortress for everyone who plays in there.

But,that is not the reasons for Indonesia to lose. Indonesia has so many productive goal scorers. Like Christian “El Loco” Gonzales, Irfan Bachdim, Arif Suyono, Muhammad Ridwan, and Bambang “The Predator” Pamungkas. all of them has score the goals more than one. they are thread,a very big thread for Indonesia. moreover,Alfred Riedl is a Tinkerman. he can make all over the squad to be a goal scoring machine. he always applied a different tactics in every games,even the players are same. Now Indonesia can attack from every sides. Middle,Right wing,or Left Wing.

So we can’t make a predict so earlier. but I hope,the best team will win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. so far,both teams has proved their best games. let’s see,who will gonna win on the 26th Desember 2010?

Jose Mourinho: “Taking Charge At Old Trafford is One of My Biggest Dream Ever”

November 16, 2010

Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, stating only ‘special coach’ who can fill the position of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when the Scot decides to retire.

Ferguson will be entering the age of 69 years next December and speculation about who deserves to succeed him as coach of the Red Devils had long been in circulation since many believe he will soon retire.

Mourinho himself has expressed his interest to deal with Manchester United and he was included in the list of coaches that Ferguson’s successor candidate with Everton manager, David Moyes, and Barcelona’s, Pep Guardiola.

However, Ferguson believes Mourinho would not resign from his post in the near future.

“Football without Alex Ferguson? I am not convinced it will happen in the near future,” said Mourinho.

“The man was alive and breathing in football and Manchester United is his club.

“The hunger and desire to win the prestigious trophy, trophies still there, so I did not see his retirement is imminent.

“Like at Real Madrid, Manchester United’s training is a special job and the only coach who deserves special to do the job when the job was vacant,” added Mourinho who claimed himself as The Special One.

“Of course, such work was not available every day so that the interest to get it will be very large. As in Madrid, it’s a job that everyone wants.”

Madrid is one club that had been linked with Wayne Rooney when the striker revealed his desire to pull out of MU. But 25-year-old player was drastically changed its position by signing a 5-year contract extension at Old Trafford.

Although somewhat surprising, Mourinho admitted to not be too surprised by the decision Rooney stay at United.

“Do I see possibilities (Rooney) go? Never had. He is Manchester United fully and he worked with one of the best coaches in football. He is a great player, but he had his place at United. I am not surprised to see it survive, I’ve even thought about it .

“There’s no way Alex Ferguson is considering to sell it to anyone. If we decide to leave a club like Manchester United did not have many options to go. Just a little bigger clubs (instead of the MU).”

Mourinho himself claimed to have not thought about the possibility of moving to Manchester United because he was the focus for the present title for Madrid.

“Madrid is a special club and I was recruited at the special in my career,” said Mourinho. “After winning the Champions League title after a second and my success at Chelsea and Inter Milan, and Madrid train have a challenges to success here is very tempting.

“I came into a team that was red title in the last two years and face the challenges of a very special team like Barcelona and a number of big clubs in Europe in the Champions League arena.

“Despite all the success I have enjoyed, my desire to continue to gain the victory still burning. I like challenges and this is a big challenge for me.

“Madrid do not win the Champions League for 10 years, failed to win the Spanish Cup over 19 years and not won the league in 3 years. So there is a big job to be done. I like the pressure and it was immediately felt in the club like this because of unacceptable failure here. ”

Mourinho also believes her career is still very long so that he could never have thought to retire in the near future.

“I still have 10 or 15 years in a career as a football coach. Naturally will come the day when the situation changed and I want to live a quieter life.

“But, it’s not something I will think in the near future.

Knowing More About Holger Badstuber

August 23, 2010

Born in Memmingen on 13 march 1989, Holger start his career with TVS Rot in 1995. at first his possition was a second striker. he scores 24 goals in 44 caps for TVS Rot. and he became a 3rd Division of German Bundesliga’s Top Scores. In the middle of 2000,he transfered to Vfb Stuttgart . he found his new possition. he played as a center back.but also wing back left. he relief that his natural position is a center he start to enjoyed live in Stuttgart with his new position. after 4 years he played for Stuttgart he feels there is something that incomplete in his career.the trophy,yeah he wants bundesliga trophy. so he asked the management of Stuttgart to set him free,involved his career and become a star. so in transfer windows 2009 he jopined Bayern Munchen with transfer fee 3.4 million pounds. in that time Munich also need a replacement for Willy Sagnol. Badstuber played well with Schweiny and Klose’s army, in his first season in Munich,he brought Bayern Munchen reach the final of Uefa Champions League. and now he’s the National Player of Germany. by the way here’s the career stats from Holger’s :
German championship 2010
German Cup 2010
3rd at World cup 2010
Champions League finalist 2010
German Supercup 2010
German U-19 championship runner-up 2007

I’m Back Guys!!!

August 23, 2010

Hey hey hey!!! how are you guys? I’m soooooo sorryyy if I rarely write on this blog again.It because in the last few months I had a little personal problem,so I’m not in the mood for writing on this blog. so,are you still stick with football? I have some topics that I would share to all of you guys..I’ve got sooooo many news from Old Trafford to Allianz-Arena,so please enjoy my news guys,cheers 😀 😀

3 Goals in 10 Minutes,Arsenal Had A Nightmare Loss

April 18, 2010

After slip at White Hart Lane,now Arsenal slipped again at JJB Stadium.Although the first time 2-0, Arsenal had to come home empty-handed when a visit to the headquarters of Wigan. The Gunners lost 2-3.In a match that was held at DW Stadium on Sunday (18.4.2010) night, Arsenal’s Theo Walcott excellent first pass and Mikel Silvestre

Wigan recorded three goals in ten minutes through Ben Watson’s late game, Titus Bramble, and Charles N’Zogbia.

With this result Arsenal remain stuck at number three with 71 points. While Wigan with 35 points further away from the relegation zone. There also was the second defeat in a row suffered by troops Arsene Wenger in the Premier League. Previously, they lost to Tottenham Hotspur

Here’s the history of the match

Gael Clichy’s free-kick eight minutes posse Wigan survived. But the ball can be secured by Chrisk goalkeeper Kirkland.

Three minutes later, Wigan chances by Carles N’Zogbia was still wide of the target.

Through a corner of the football situation, Nikclas Bendtner create opportunities for Arsenal. Action Kirkland thwart these efforts the Danish players.

Wigan through spurn N’Zogbia effort from outside the penalty box can still be pushed over easily by Lukasz Fabianski.

Half an hour walking action, the Gunners attack scheme constructed by Abou Diaby and continued with Theo Walcott’s cross-ball threat in the face of Wigan goalkeeper. But the Latics defender plot foiled attack was successful.

35 minutes, hard kick from outside the penalty box Rosicki can still be prevented by Krikland.

Arsenal opened the scoring four minutes to break through Theo Walcott after receiving feedback from Nicklas Bendtner breakthrough. Despite a convoy of Titus Bramble and space kick by goalkeeper Chris Kirkland is closed, the England players that successfully netted the ball.

A minute ahead of the break, Walcott was again threatened. But the kick was floated over the goalkeeper Wigan thin.

Arsene Wenger immediately pressing forces so round two begins. Abou Diaby shots successfully smashed the corner of Kirkland and fruitful soccer.

Corner kick successfully maximized by the Gunners. Mikael Silvestre failed to head the ball dammed by Kirkland. Ben Watson was trying to catch the ball also failed to prevent the goalkeeper from being broken.

A minute later through N’Zogbia successful raid Wigan ditangkal by Fabianski.

An hour running game, the action was a Polish goalkeeper again saved Arsenal. Watson released a flat-kick towards the right corner of the goal for the visitors. Fabianski as he dropped to successfully stop the ball.

71 minutes, Wigan businesses through N’Zogbia also re Fabianski can stop by without difficulty.

The Latics fruitful results of the effort ten minutes to disperse. This goal begins with the ball to Mario Melchiot Sodoran N’Zogbia who subsequently pierced the left side of the Arsenal penalty box. Furthermore, a Dutch player that sends the feed to the middle and end of execution Watson.

Titus Bramble scored for Wigan balancing a minute to disperse. This goal originated from a mistake in anticipating football Fabianski corner. Polish goalie catches it is not perfect so the ball can ditanduk by Bramble.

N’Zogbia be a nightmare for Arsenal. He kicks off from outside the penalty box during injury time Arsenal managed to rip and make Wigan won 3-2.

Knowing About Zoran Tosic

April 18, 2010

Described by United’s scouting department as “a stylish player consistent with the traditions and legacy of wide players at this club”, 21-year-old Tosic is already a regular in Serbia’s national team.

A winger who hugs the touchline and takes defenders on, he possesses silky dribbling skills and a strong left-foot shot. Renowned for his mastery in dead-ball situations, Tosic is a real threat from set-pieces, whether firing goalwards or delivering pin-point crosses.

United scouts were watching the winger for over a year before he joined the Reds and in that time his progress took giant strides.
He appeared (and scored) for Partizan Belgrade in a Champions League qualifier against Fenerbahce in August 2008, not long after he returned from Serbia’s involvement at the Beijing Olympics, and also has UEFA Cup experience.

Zoran played for Serbia in the European U21 Championship finals in the summer of 2009 and was involved in the seniors’ successful quest for 2010 World Cup qualification.

United signed Tosic in January 2009 and he made his first-team debut as a substitute in the FA Cup win over Tottenham later that month. He appeared off the bench twice more in his first season at West Brom and Hull.

He played in two League Cup wins at the start of 2009/10 before joining Bundesliga outfit FC Cologne in January 2010 on loan until the end of the season.

A United fan since childhood, Tosic grew up with posters of his heroes plastered on his bedroom walls in Zrenjanin. No doubt Ryan Giggs was one of those figures and, who knows, it could be Tosic who is charged with filling the Welshman’s boots when Giggs eventually retires.