“Rafael da Silva will learn from his red cards and our loss” – Evra

Patrice Evra, left defender of Manchester United,commented of Rafael da Silva’s gameplay when United host FC Hollywood in Old Trafford Last Saturday. Rafael had a red card in that game. He pulled over Frank Ribery’s hand and he made himself get in into red card’s list. United media said,Rafael’s incident are one of the reason why United loss that game. his mental are totally drop in dressing room. 4-4 on the agregate,and Munich had a away goals advantage. United were out from that competition.
But what we heard from medias is totally different when we heard Patrice Evra’s comment. he said “I think this bad moment can be very useful for Rafael in the future. maybe this is the bad experience but the thing like this that can make young player have a decent game in the next days”. Patrice also said that this is the only beginning of Rafael’s progress for being one of the best right defender in English Premier League. He still have much plenty of time to prove that he’s a good defender.


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