Jose Mourinho: “Taking Charge At Old Trafford is One of My Biggest Dream Ever”

Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, stating only ‘special coach’ who can fill the position of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when the Scot decides to retire.

Ferguson will be entering the age of 69 years next December and speculation about who deserves to succeed him as coach of the Red Devils had long been in circulation since many believe he will soon retire.

Mourinho himself has expressed his interest to deal with Manchester United and he was included in the list of coaches that Ferguson’s successor candidate with Everton manager, David Moyes, and Barcelona’s, Pep Guardiola.

However, Ferguson believes Mourinho would not resign from his post in the near future.

“Football without Alex Ferguson? I am not convinced it will happen in the near future,” said Mourinho.

“The man was alive and breathing in football and Manchester United is his club.

“The hunger and desire to win the prestigious trophy, trophies still there, so I did not see his retirement is imminent.

“Like at Real Madrid, Manchester United’s training is a special job and the only coach who deserves special to do the job when the job was vacant,” added Mourinho who claimed himself as The Special One.

“Of course, such work was not available every day so that the interest to get it will be very large. As in Madrid, it’s a job that everyone wants.”

Madrid is one club that had been linked with Wayne Rooney when the striker revealed his desire to pull out of MU. But 25-year-old player was drastically changed its position by signing a 5-year contract extension at Old Trafford.

Although somewhat surprising, Mourinho admitted to not be too surprised by the decision Rooney stay at United.

“Do I see possibilities (Rooney) go? Never had. He is Manchester United fully and he worked with one of the best coaches in football. He is a great player, but he had his place at United. I am not surprised to see it survive, I’ve even thought about it .

“There’s no way Alex Ferguson is considering to sell it to anyone. If we decide to leave a club like Manchester United did not have many options to go. Just a little bigger clubs (instead of the MU).”

Mourinho himself claimed to have not thought about the possibility of moving to Manchester United because he was the focus for the present title for Madrid.

“Madrid is a special club and I was recruited at the special in my career,” said Mourinho. “After winning the Champions League title after a second and my success at Chelsea and Inter Milan, and Madrid train have a challenges to success here is very tempting.

“I came into a team that was red title in the last two years and face the challenges of a very special team like Barcelona and a number of big clubs in Europe in the Champions League arena.

“Despite all the success I have enjoyed, my desire to continue to gain the victory still burning. I like challenges and this is a big challenge for me.

“Madrid do not win the Champions League for 10 years, failed to win the Spanish Cup over 19 years and not won the league in 3 years. So there is a big job to be done. I like the pressure and it was immediately felt in the club like this because of unacceptable failure here. ”

Mourinho also believes her career is still very long so that he could never have thought to retire in the near future.

“I still have 10 or 15 years in a career as a football coach. Naturally will come the day when the situation changed and I want to live a quieter life.

“But, it’s not something I will think in the near future.


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