Looking Ahead To AFF Suzuki Cup Final Leg 1

at the end of 2010, there is a big and crucial football game. that game bring the two teams are “perennial rivals” from the first status. yes,the football game is the final fixture of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. it brings Indonesia and Malaysia clashing for the triumph. a triumph that takes the pride for both teams. yes,their battle will seize more that 100.000.000 eyes. and that eyes will be the witness of the high tense rivalry battle

“Only the best that can win tomorrow” said Indonesian Coach, Alfred Riedl. maybe Indonesia is on the air right now.but we can’t underestimated Malaysia. maybe in the last match, Indonesia can destroyed Malaysia with five goals to one. but everything can be different now. “I’m sure Mr.Rajagopal will learn from his mistakes” said Firman Utina,The Capt. of Indonesia. Malaysia has won the 2010 Sea Games. and they have a plenty of killer striker like Safee and the others. and on the other side, Bukit Jalil is a fortress for everyone who plays in there.

But,that is not the reasons for Indonesia to lose. Indonesia has so many productive goal scorers. Like Christian “El Loco” Gonzales, Irfan Bachdim, Arif Suyono, Muhammad Ridwan, and Bambang “The Predator” Pamungkas. all of them has score the goals more than one. they are thread,a very big thread for Indonesia. moreover,Alfred Riedl is a Tinkerman. he can make all over the squad to be a goal scoring machine. he always applied a different tactics in every games,even the players are same. Now Indonesia can attack from every sides. Middle,Right wing,or Left Wing.

So we can’t make a predict so earlier. but I hope,the best team will win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. so far,both teams has proved their best games. let’s see,who will gonna win on the 26th Desember 2010?


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