AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 First Leg Final, Kuala Lumpur

It’s all about the game.pressures,tense,and whatever.Indonesia failed to claimed a victory over their “Perennial Rival” ,Malaysia last night. 3-0 the final score,and Firman Utina can’t do anything.

There’s so much incident in that match. the Malaysian supporters act badly during the match. Especially in the second half. The first incident came in the middle of the second half.some supporters using the laser beam to disrupt concentration and view angle of Markus Horison (Indonesian Goal Keeper) and also,at the same time,there’s a firecracker blasting in the middle of the pitch. the match was stop for 7 minutes. Philip Lahm,the German captain,who also watch this match on the Internet streaming,said “this is such a controversial match,the supporters act badly.they like not respect the Indonesians”.

Despite from it’s all,Indonesian mental like sinking.”Tim Garuda” conceded not so long after that situation. Safiq,use the mistakes from Maman Abdurahman to create a goal.he pass the ball into Moh.Safee,who was in the good position.and Safee score.the second goal came not far. this time,a venom strike from Amirulhadi landed into Markus’s net. and the last goal came from Safee,again. he utilized the cross from Jasuli,and he headed the ball into the net,once more. Final Score,Malaysia 3,Indonesia 0.

So,what we can learn from this match. maybe Ahmad Bustomi right. he said before the match “calm out the euphoria,we haven’t win yet!” he’s worried about the media and the euphoria from the supporters can distract their concentration. and it’s all proved.

yes,Indonesia still got hope. maybe not as big as first. but nothing is impossible.4-0 is not an easy thing.but it’s not impossible. so lets support “Garuda” once more. let their flying above the sky and screaming so loud in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. I said so,because I BELIEVE!!! do you believe?


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