Football and Politic, Behind The Downfall of Indonesia

as we all know, last night (26/12) Indonesia was defeat by Malaysia. so,what makes Indonesia lose last night? Many sources told that Malaysian supporters were cheating. they used laser beams to disturb the concentration from all Indonesian player,of course I agree with it. but the other sources said that “It is their (Malaysian) home. of course they win” . We can’t blame the “home or away” situation. that’s the rule. but,do you know that every player must be in quarantine before they face up the next game? here’s the awkwardness thing.

Football and Politics. yes,for me this is the most recently reason why Indonesia lose last night. Monday,20th December 2010, one of the most important man in Indonesia, Abu Rizal Bakrie, Invited them into his place. He wanted to congratulate the whole team for its success in reaching the final of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. for me,it’s a wrong decision to accept the invitation from Abu Rizal. why? because, the players SHOULD NOT interacted with someone else during the tournament. they must be in the quarantine for training,emotional doctrine,and the others. Bakrie,has destroyed they non physics training. he let the team interacted and complacent until the teams feels so the end,they lose yesterday. Indonesian coach,Alfred Riedl said “I was not allowing the players to go to Bakrie’s” so who’s allowed them?

Nurdin Halid. he’s the man who allowed,even order the teams to accept the Invitation from Bakrie. “Riedl has no offense for this” said Utina to the unrated media. why Halid allowed The teams? because Halid is a friend of Bakrie. Politics,Bureaucracy, makes Nurdin Hallid ordered the teams to accept the Invitation. Nurdin think,that he will feel guilty,if he not allowed them to meet Bakrie. but is he realized that if he accepted that invitation,the training agenda will fall apart? yes Nurdin have a right to reject that. but why he not rejected it?

so this is the politics thing. I think,personally, The Chief from an organization must not drive by Politics an Money. the most important thing from a Chief is,he/she must prioritizing their business. not friends or other.

maybe this is just my opinion but, I hope you really thinking of that. I personally blame Nurdin Halid for the lost of Indonesia last night


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